How We Got Here

How we got here

FremantleMedia Australia has a long and distinguished history in the Australian television industry. For nearly 55 years we have been at the forefront of innovative programming and production. And it all started with one man, Reg Grundy, and his company Grundy Television.

GRUNDY’s first television production, Wheel of Fortune (based on Reg Grundy’s radio programme of the same name), first aired on Channel Nine on September 1st, 1959. From its small beginnings, GRUNDY expanded and diversified into almost every facet of entertainment in Australia, becoming the largest privately owned Australian producer and distributor of television programmes both domestically and internationally.

Since 1959 GRUNDY in Australasia has produced quiz and game show formats, movies for television, major motion pictures for international theatrical distribution, television drama series, serials and mini-series, entertainment formats and a host of documentaries and television specials.

In 1993 Reg Grundy was inducted into the Australian Logies Hall of Fame, and in 1996 he received the International Founders Emmy Award for the Recognition of Outstanding Contribution to Television around the World.

GRUNDY first discovered success in the serial drama genre with ‘70s favorites such as The Young Doctors, The Restless Years, Sons and Daughters and Prisoner, which grew to worldwide cult status. Today, the international success of Neighbours has arguably made it one of most popular drama serials ever produced.

In light entertainment, GRUNDY achieved unprecedented ratings success with hits such as Family Feud, Perfect Match, Blankety Blanks, The Price Is Right, Sale of the Century, Who Wants to be a Millionaire, Wheel of Fortune, the fun-filled entertainment show It’s a Knockout and the infotainment series Australia’s Most Wanted.

Idol and The X Factor were the first two formats to have tremendous success in Australia across the three business lines of Production, Licensing and Distribution.

In the late 1980s, Reg Grundy established GRUNDY Worldwide Limited. His global vision of "international parochialism" led him to establish and operate local, independent television production and distribution companies around the world including the United Kingdom, Europe, Asia and North and South America. These locally operated offices produced and distributed GRUNDY programmes that, today, more than a decade later, are seen in over 100 countries around the world.

As a result of this globalisation, GRUNDY was Australia’s first production company to be credited with successfully opening the world television market to home-grown Australian talent and production techniques. Today its Australian operation continues to play a vital role in the company’s worldwide expansion through programme development and local, world-class expertise.

GRUNDY was also the first Australian company to successfully establish an in-house distribution arm, following the phenomenal worldwide success of the drama serial Neighbours.

In May 1995 Pearson Television acquired GRUNDY Worldwide – a significant purchase in Pearson’s progress towards becoming a truly international company. In July 2000, Pearson Television merged with CLT-UFA to create the largest radio and TV Broadcaster in Europe, called RTL GROUP. In October 2001 Pearson Television changed its name to FremantleMedia and in December 2001 Pearson sold its stake in RTL to Bertelsmann.

FremantleMedia creates, produces and distributes some of the best known and loved content in the world including: IdolsGot Talent (co-produced with Syco in the UK and the US), The X Factor (co-produced with Syco in the UK), Take Me OutMy Mom Cooks Better Than YoursFamily FeudThe Price is RightFarmer Wants A WifeDeutschland 83, Gute Zeiten Schlechte ZeitenWentworthNeighboursGeneration WarNo OffenceGrand DesignsJamie OliverDanger Mouse, Kate & Mim-Mim, Munchies (with VICE Media),and FullTimeDEVILS. We have an outstanding global network with operations in 28 countries, creating over 10,000 hours of programming a year, rolling out more than 45 formats and airing 350 programmes a year worldwide. The company also distributes more than 20,000 hours of content in over 200 territories.