The Best of Grand Designs Australia book

The Best of Grand Designs Australia book
November 21, 2016
A look inside Australia's most inspirational houses.

The Best of Grand Designs Australia takes you on a tour of the most unforgettable houses featured over the past six series of Foxtel’s Grand Designs Australia, one of the most loved television shows on Lifestyle.

Showcasing 27 inspirational and innovative builds, each has been designed with architectural integrity and creativity to withstand the challenges of the climate and offer comfortable living for their occupants.

Some of the houses featured in this book have been designed by award winning architects, who have guided the project along the way; others are the realisation of a lifelong dream of the owners to create and build their very own custom designed house. These homes are as much about the story behind them as they are about the design.

Step inside Brisbane’s shipping container house made entirely from storage containers, take a wander around Port Melbourne’s ‘Urban Green’ with its water tank cladding and overhanging Babylon style garden; and feel the emotion behind Victoria’s bushfire house which rose from the ashes of Black Saturday to find a new life.

These houses also mark a new trend in home building as the impact on the environment becomes a consideration. The desire for a low carbon footprint has seen an increase in owners using locally sourced materials such as rocks and gravel to integrate their designs. Recycled timber also makes a comeback, cladding exteriors and creating interesting focal points both inside and out, while polished concrete has proven popular as owners and designers turn towards more natural facades.

Highlighting some of the best and most creative houses Australia has to offer, you will be awed and inspired by The Best of Grand Designs Australia.

Grand Designs Australia is a FremantleMedia Australia production for Foxtel and screens on Lifestyle. 

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